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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 10, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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of restoration. i encourage you to read original sources as much as you can. i encourage you to read as much as you can. know what you believe and why you believe it. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. >> geraldo: live and at large. >> when hurricane season comes, all the tar balls could wind up radio active and landing on people's swimming pools. >> geraldo: is oil gushing unabated into the gulf? tonight we probe whether it is time we learn to stop worrying and lob the bomb. speaking of explosives, now there are several. seven major legal challenges to arizona's antiimmigration law. the governor and i debate.
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also -- california agrees to pay $20 million for the infuriating income pa tense of its parole agents who overlooked the sins of this disgusting kidnapper and child rapist. >> wait until you hear the story of what took place at this house and you will be absolutely obsessed. it is a disgusting thing that took place. >> jayceedugard's father is here to talk about how his daughter and her kids are doing. it only took two men to help tear down its economy. barack obama and harry reid. >> the what the other side is counting on is people not having a very good memory. they are rying to run the okedoke on you. >> geraldo: tonight, it is going to be a rocky ride.
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we hate to root for this kid but he does have a certain style. >> i said if he stole the airplane and can fly i'm proud of him flying. >> geraldo: tonight, has the bare foot bandit discovered it is better in the bahamas? an upstate village catches chelsea mania and she gets set to marry. >> are you helping with the wedding planning? >> absolutely. not the planning. the only help i do with the planning is to pay the bills. >> which is harder, middle east peace or negotiating this wedding? >> i would call it a draw on that one. >> geraldo: slated for the estate built for the tycoon who perished on the titanic. >> we know it proves you have done what you were suppose today do but doesn't make it entirely easy. >> geraldo: i'm geraldo rivera. small wonder, california,
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agreed to pay jaycee dugard $20 million for the way they mishandled the case. before we talk to her step father, here is a quick review of some of what the agents did wrong. just some. item, they misclassified ex-conkidnapper and rapist phillip gurido as a low lick nonsexual offender. failed to review his case file. item. failed to follow utility wires running from garrido's house to his backyard shed. and worst of all, ladies and gentlemen, the agents spoke a couple of times to both jaycee and her elder daughter who is now 15 and who was 12 years old at the time but the parole agents never checked out what she or the then 12-year-old were doing in this creepy man, this convicted sex offender's
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home. jaycee step dad. the only to witness her being kidnapped by the garridos. he has lived with for the 18 plus years with the double nightmare of fearing that she was dead, that jaycee was dead and because he witnessed her being kidnapped and he is the step dad being obvious first suspect in her disappearance. we welcome him now. karl, welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> geraldo: before i get into what the situation is now, is it not a fact that following jaycee's miraclous deliverance, the fact that she was finally rescued after this convoluted thing with her children that the cops came to you after i spoke to you the first time which i think is the last time you gave an interview on u.s. television back in 2009, did they come to you to question
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you about whether or not you knew phillip garrido? >> they did. >> geraldo: and why and what did you say? >> we argued back and forth and they accused me of knowing or setting this up. it is like, you know, just unbelievable. i have never been questioned before. i cooperated a thousand percent, every tv interview, every article, every newspaper, everything. we went around for two and a half hours. >> geraldo: let me stop you. did you have any knowledge, any familiarity, any friendship, any relationship, did you know of the existences of phillip and or nancy garrido prior to his arrest? >> no. >> geraldo: absolutely not? >> none. >> geraldo: this was in essence just another in the long string of humiliations that you have faced since your step daughter has been found? >> i was told they had done this because of the fact that they never questioned me. say i did have something to do with this and they never questioned me it would look
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pretty funny. plus i did a fundraiser in tahoe and that is the first time i came out and said that the cops screwed up. >> geraldo: you were right about that. >> i was up there for eight days and they could have questioned me then. >> geraldo: what about the $20 million? the current news? >> i'm so thrilled for her. >> will the money be well spent. we feel for your step daughter and what she has gone through. a nightmare beyond rhetoric or imagining or anybody could imagine in words. >> she will have attorneys take care of it. for a house and college and therapy for her and the kids. school. >> geraldo: i heard an estimate is $7 million is what they figure it will cost for continuing therapy for jaycee and the girls. >> that could be. >> geraldo: how is she doing to the extent phillip -- excuse me, to the extent, carl, how is she doing? >> she is doing well. she deals with things.
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terri is a mellow person. >> her mom, your ex-wife. >> they go with the flow. they are adjusting. >> geraldo: where are they living in broad strokes? >> some where in california. >> geraldo: and with whom is she living? >> her mother and the daughters and jaycee. >> geraldo: and you have another daughter? >> right. but she is off to college. >> geraldo: and how is she faring with all of this? >> she is doing good. as a matter of fact, i think it is great that she is on her own and developing and really doing good in school. >> geraldo: do you have any fear but that the lawyers might take a hunk of the $20 million? >> i hope not. if they get what, 30%, $7 million for just filing it. that is kind of horrendous. >> geraldo: with carl and me now, two skilled yet sensitive lawyers, both alumni of the l.a. prosecutor's office. robin sax on the coast and our own fox anchor kimberly guilfoyle. robin, you first, the $20 million seems unprecedented.
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i never heard of a victim's crime board settlement anything like that, in that league. >> it is absolutely unprecedented not only for the state of california but probably for the united states as a whole. what is amazing not so much that there was a settlement but how quickly there was a settlement. >> geraldo: but this was clearly gross negligence on their part? >> oh, my goodness. it is beyond -- first of all, the sheriff came out right when jaycee and her daughters were captured and said this was a case of a missed opportunity. no, it was an outrageous screwup by huge measures. you can't get any more screwups and based on what we heard carl say, screwups still continuing in the course of the investigation. >> geraldo: and the anguish of the child, now 30-year-old woman, helps to -- i guess monetaryize the extent of the damage in the minds of the
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jury. why don't you read from jaycee's diiaries during captivity. >> this is an example of the child taken and victimized. from july 5, 2004. it says it feels like i'm sinking. i'm afraid i want control of my life. this is supposed to be my life to do with what i like but, once again, he has taken it away. how many times is he allowed to take it away from me. i'm afraid he doesn't see how the things he says makes me a prisoner. and just the sense of isolation there, geraldo, of a child trapped with this monster and failed so miserably by the state of california, the department of corrections, the parole super vision that was so incompetent. >> geraldo: what is the chances they settled so quickly they would have faced damages far in excess of $20 million had they gone to a jury? >> it is right here in the
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memo. they address each of the claims that would be made and that is why this wouldn't have to go to a jury. even though they have some kind of immunity from liability in certain instances it doesn't matter. a jury would have engaged in jury nullification and given this young woman the money that she deserves for what happened to her and her two daughters. >> geraldo: carl, step dad, i return to your particular situation. it is one thing when the cops suspect you but why is your ex-wife terri keeping you away from your step daughter and preventing you from seeing our step grand children. >> we had some disagreements. she has an attorney and pr person and therapist and we were able to meet in october and we had a falling out. she is going through a lot. going to school and going to therapy. >> geraldo: you feel jaycee will reach out to you when the time is right. >> it will happen sooner or later, you know. >> geraldo: i think you have a good heart and you have been
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through a rough, rough ride and i think people have been unfair to you and i hope you think that we are the lone light of fairness in this all. >> that's why i'm here. >> geraldo: we have a really big show for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen. coming up, as we look live at that filthy ugly toxic oil spewing death and destruction, now they panned up from the oil leak. that is the new cap they are putting on but we are asking -- we are daring to ask is it time finally folks to nuke this well? and before it is too late, please listen as governor huckabee lets me know what he thinks of what i think is migrate arizona immigration compromise. and of all of the great issues of the day who among you does not have an opinion about this someone? one? >> this fall very tough. in this fall i'm going to take my talents to south beach and join the miami heat.
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this is a choice between the policies that got us into this mess in the first place and the policies that are getting us out of this mess. >> when it comes to nevada's economy, obama and reid are a bust. >> geraldo: sometimes i think i'm the only guy who still likes president obama but it is not that bad if you look at the surveys. according to the real clear politics average of the polls his approval rating stands at an admittedly anemic 46.7% and disapproval is 47.6%. more people disapprove than approve. the question is whether candidates like senate majority leader harry reid are helped for hurt by a rousing presidential campaign swing of the sort we saw just this week. before i ask my friend former governor and soon to be
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syndicated star of talk show television mike huckabee about his opinion, i have to ask him what he thinks of lebron james forsaking cleveland for south beach. remember, my wife is from cleveland. >> now, that you told me erica is from cleveland, it is disappointing. the people of cleveland are wonderful people. manufacturing has struggled in the state. he was sort of like the hope of not just cleveland but in many ways of ohio and i think that his departure was like losing gm in detroit. it is a huge franchise. >> geraldo: i think it is an excellent analogy. >> he really was sort of the glue that held a lot of emotion together. he made a decision that he believes will be in his best interests as an athlete and as a performer and you to accept the fact that he played faithfully under his contract and i do think that the owner of the cavaliers was a little
10:17 pm
harsh. >> geraldo: he was harsh. accusing him basically of war crimes. >> he could have said we are deeply disappointed, we are hurt, we are sorry but i wish him well. >> geraldo: in terms of a low tax republican philosophy when you view it from a commercial point of view and the possibility of more licensing fees and all the rest. in cleveland, you pay 6 or 7% state tax on income. in florida, you pay zero. do you think that that could -- that is a lot of money. >> over 100 million. >> sure. and new york is another venue where it would have been more like 12.5%. so when states create very high taxes what they often do is to put people in the tough position where in order for them to really make good financial decisions and nobody would fault him for that they have to make this kind of move. here is the thing i want to say to the people of cleveland. i will come and play basketball
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for half the money they were offering lebron. i won't do worth a darn, we won't win a game but i want to help them if i can. >> geraldo: you and i together will go dribbling around. i want to ask you about the president and i also want to ask you about this really firey immigration controversy and what to do about the state law. can anything stop the coming courtroom confrontation between arizona and the feds and is it time to nuke the well? coming up. we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. i'm mary ellen smith. so i'm really excited to see if this really works. have just started to notice a slight difference in my digestion. take the activia challenge. a slight difference in my digestion. it's harder my doto build bone densityge... with calcium and vitamin d alone. he recommends citracal plus bone density builder...
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>> geraldo: i don't want to make anybody mad at me and i understand that most of you disagree with me on immigration
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policy and specifically on arizona's attempt to crack down on illegal immigration, i know that. but i ask that you hear me out on a proprosed compromise to the coming federal court confrontation where as you know the justice department is seeking to stop the state law from going into effect and for a declaration that the state law is constitutional. supporters who are a solid majority of americans point to the dozen or more states in addition to arizona where there are moves to pass similar tough antiillegal immigration legislation. the possibility that other states will jump on arizona's band diagnose wagon if anything makes it more likely that the courts will rule against arizona law because it is precisely to avoid a hodgepodge of state solutions that will force the court in my opinion to rule that it is unconstitutional. and whatever you are hearing from politicians on columnists or activists almost every true
10:23 pm
legal scholar from sandra day o'connor to our own judge andrew napolitano agrees, arizona went too far. as a proud arizona wildcat janght i'm asking governor brewer to call on the state legislature to stand down. temporarily suspending the law's july 29th start date. without a specific start date the federal government in my opinion will lose the urgency that would otherwise be its almost certainly successful request for an injunction. stand down now. lower the temperature, work, governor brewer with other state governors to draft uniform legislation that will send the unmistakable signal to washington that action on immigration and reform are crucially necessary. but what does this once and perhaps future presidential candidate think? governor? >> well, i don't think she can
10:24 pm
do that. i don't think she will do that. first of all, this is a bell that has already been rung. you cannot unrung the bell. >> geraldo: you can pass a law that suspends it. >> it is not going to happen in arizona. they have gone through too much humiliation at the expense of the federal government. why don't they say we have done a lousy job of protecting the border and prosecuting those who have been caught carrying out illegal activity. we have not been a good partner in enforcing the laws. what we would like to do is find out what we can do to better serve the people of arizona? why haven't they gone after rhode island? they have eceptionly been practicing what arizona has yet to implement and they have doning into to rhode island over it. >> geraldo: do you accept my legal analysis and that of justice sandra day o'connor and
10:25 pm
napolitano and others that because of the supremacy clause of the united states constitution that this law cannot stand? >> i think there is a question. i'm not as confident as the judge and justice o'connor or you and i will tell you why and that is because the language of the arizona essentially mirrors the federal law. it is not taking a different direction than federal law. it is simply affirming what the law is. this would never have been passed at the state level had the federal government done what it was supposed to do. it is almost as if -- >> geraldo: all that -- >> the wreck is in the takestate we have to go care of the victim. it is a terrible thing. >> geraldo: i think that every grievance expressed has some merit, maybe a lot of merit. imagine in arizona now was to start negotiating treaties with mexico or guatamela or declare war. there are reasons we are a federation, you know, we are a republic that the government, the central government has to
10:26 pm
be -- enough about that. >> but one comment to it. and that is that pat gudel was on my show and he made a comment that was startling. he said we are in a prerevolution stage because there is a disconnect between the government and. >> geraldo: do you buy that? >> i don't know that i'm there yet. there is a level of dissatisfaction. >> geraldo: morph into the comment of president obama helping harry reid. >> this is an administration that is incredibly insensitive to the people who could be, should be their partners. good example. when the president goes out and campaigns he doesn't simply campaign for harry reid. he takes the cheapest shots possible at the republicans and creates the most harshly partisan atmosphere. bill clinton campaigned against me every time i ran for office. every time. but he never attacked me. he supported my opponent.
10:27 pm
>> geraldo: you going to be invited to chelsea's wedding? >> probably not. >> geraldo: i would invite you. >> she is a remarkable young lady and evidence that bill and hillary clinton are not as horrible as a lot of republicans say. >> geraldo: coming up, we look at the heart of haiti and the gulf. what you d at this morning's meeting? that was pure poetry.
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10:31 pm
traumatic stress disorder. ptsd affects as many as one out of every five u.s. veterans. experts say it can lead to anxiety, depression, drug abuse and suicide. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." the problem is this could open up otherf fissures and holes and gaps and you have many leaking fire hydrants of oil all of which have to be capped and have to have the top kill and we start all over again. >> geraldo: back live. that is our skience guru urging against the use of a nuke device, an atomic bomb to seal off the well that since about noon today has been gushing oil unhindered as the robotic sub marines have removed the old leaking cap in the opens that
10:32 pm
another bigger better cap will succeed with a six or seven previous caps failed. why not cut to the chase? what if the cap or the relief wells don't work. here is craig on whether or not the time has finally come. >> geraldo, with 60,000-barrels of oil still spilling into the gulf, many people are looking for extreme options to seal that well. one of them being to nuke it. i'm with myelo, one of the masterminds behind u.s. research into the use of peaceful nuclear options. do you really think it is possible to nuke that well and seal it? >> i would say on the experience we have and the experience the russians have it looks like it would be quite possible. >> the government estimates as much as 100 million-gallons of oil have spewed into the gulf of mexico since the explosion and fire of the deep water horizon rig on april 20th. the history of bp's failed attempts to plug the well has
10:33 pm
some people talking about extreme measures to stop the spill. former president bill clinton. >> unless we send the navy down deep to blow up the well and cover the leak with piles and piles and piles of rock and debris which may become necessary. >> how would you actually consider going about putting a nuke into the ocean bottom to seal that well? >> well, you are not putting it into the ocean bottom. you are putting it 10,000 feet below the ocean bottom and you would do that in a well, something like the relief wells. >> he says unlike conventional explosives, a nuke would fit into the limited space of a relief well. >> the device has to be designed to withstand high pressures and high temperatures because that is what we are dealing with here. >> nuclear explosives for large programs not feasible with conventional methods.
10:34 pm
nordike is a part of operation plow share. a group of physicists who during the cold are actually conducted nuclear tests for practical use of the devices like digging a new panama canal. >> rio blanco was three or four explosions at 7,000 feet and similar to the depths we are talking about for this. >> the russians claimed they used nukes four out of five times to close out of control wells like this one in uzbekistan that burned for three years until it was put out with a massive explosion. >> the camera feels the impact of the detonation. >> is this dii diia gram what t would look like? >> that is exactly right. ultimately the rock above the cavity will start to collapse.
10:35 pm
>> these are two books that you contributed to and they are published by iaea, the international atomic energy actcy and they monitor the use of nukes around the world, rite? >> yes, that's right. >> he believes insignificant amounts of radiation would leak into the environment and the seismic disturbance would be minimal. critics of the plan say that a nuclear device would do nothing but blow up the entire reservoir of oil and completely destroy the gulf. >> well, you are not going to be in the reservoir. you will be above it. >> do you think it as true possibility? >> i think it is a possibility. but again i have to say it is only if the relief wells fail would you consider doing this as a last resort. >> i get goose bumps. i really do. fishing in the gulf. grandma's beach and see yes, sir that key. what do you think the chances are this could happen?
10:36 pm
>> based on the fear of a nuclear reaction and radiation being released into the gulf. >> that. >> oh, that. and creating another environmental disaster, another oil well breaking as a result of the seismic wave would make the chances slim to none. >> but we think the russians really did it? >> he did a 100-page study and found o that four out of five experiments in turning off the soviet wells worked. the soviet environmentalists say this is all a lie and he was given improper information but that is what he has found. >> meet our expert, lieutenant christopher brownfield. an iraqi war veteran. currently a nuclear policy researchers at columbia university. chris, welcome aboard. when president clinton was talking about explosives he was citing your op ed pieces. >> talking about using conventionial explosives, not
10:37 pm
nuclear ones. >> is that your solution rather than a nuke with all the emotional and physical and environmental potential catastrophes use. stacks and stacks of c 4, dynamite, nitroglycerin. >> the thing that is different about our situation now is that we have more presikes explosive -- precise explosives so it shouldn't be necessary to use the wrecking ball. we would probably get away with a sledge hammer. >> geraldo: do you think it as failure of presidential leadership that the explosives option is not on the table? that is my specific question. and b, because if it was, it would be the united states navy in charge rather than the united states coast guard tore british petroleum? >> i think there are two important failures in leadership. one is with the energy secretary who said that the nuclear option was never on the table. i think they should have had it
10:38 pm
on the table and learned how the soviets did it with the demolition from the side of the well. they could have realized it would be possible to seal off the well using conventional explosives and contemporary technology. >> geraldo: are you saying as craig staid that the russians did use the explosive technology but rather than nuclear used conventional explosives? >> we are a lot more precise. we can drill right up next to the leaking oil well. the soviets didn't have that technology. with our better technology we should be able to do this using conventional explosives. the other failure i think comes with president obama who was a little too trusting of the executives of bp and a little too fearful of this greatly exaggerated threat of rupturing the oil reservoir. i think it is infeasible for any weapon whether a 10 mega
10:39 pm
ton nuclear weapon or explosives to rupture through a rock formation as thick as the rock mountains are tall. >> geraldo: they said they need a smaller nuke to get down into the smaller area. conventional explosives you would need massive amounts to seal the well. >> geraldo: let's check with jonathan who filed the report from grand isle louisiana, ground zero. >> bp announced 400 skimmers stationed around the site of the leaking well to deal with what they anticipate will be additional amounts of oil after removeing that initial cap on the well. the idea is that within the next four to ten days they are going to replace that cap with a newer cap, a tighter fit to fit that jagged pipe emma nateing from the well. they believe that if all goes well, they going to be able to successfully siphon all of the leaking oil to ships on the surface. in other words, that no additional oil will leak out of
10:40 pm
that well. of course, the situation won't be totally over until bp finishes drilling got relief wells and is able to permanently patch the well with the mixture of concrete. meantime, as much as 171 million-gallons of crude has already leaked into the gulf. much of that will eventually wash ashore. containment efforts continue. in fact, if you come back to my shot you can see all of the booming and fencing behind me. even after the spill is contained and after the well is patched, sites like this are likely to be commonplace for the months ahead. geraldo? >> geraldo: jonathan, thank you very much. i think it is appalling that the united states navy is not in charge. remember the alvin, why isn't that down there peeking over the shoulder of the bp sub
10:41 pm
merchandisables so we know they are not jiving us about what they are doing. thank you, christopher brownfield. i think the explosive option maybe not the nukes, put that aside for now, but the explosive option must be considered. i can't imagine that they are not thinking about that in the white house or at least at the department of the navy. coming up, chelsea mania hits the new york hamlet of rhine beck. we will tell you what we know about the former first daughter's impending nuptials. [ matt ashworth ] the things that make us americans are the things we make. this has always been a nation of builders, craftsmen. men and women for whom straight stitches and clean welds were matters of personal pride. they made the skyscrapers and the cotton gins.
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how do you think you are going to feel when you watch her walk down that aisle? >> i hope i can keep it together as i walk her down the aisle. >> do you have a date? >> we do but this is like a state secret. you can more likely probably get the nuclear code. no. [ laughter ] we are very wrapped up in doing this. i mean obviously she is the light of my life and it is going to be great but i'm sworn to secrecy. and i have gotten very good at keeping secrets. >> geraldo: i get she has. secret or not, the word is out. we watched her grow up. chelsea clinton the 30-year-old only child of the former president and the current secretary of state is rumored
10:46 pm
finally to be ready to wed her long time fiancee 32-year-old mark on july 31. the big bash reported by numerous sources in new york and nationally to be slated to be held in the village the upstate hamlet of rhinebeck, new york, at the astor courts estate. the former home of john jacob astor the fourth. the unlucky tycoon o who died onboard the titanic. who better to guide us than doug weave who joins us from d.c. why do we care so much about chelsea? she gets a great vibe, doesn't she, doug? >> she does. big deal. one of the greatest social events of our lifetime and it is three hours north of the media capital of the world and you have all of these unemployed journalists and it is one of the slowest times of the year and then you throw in chelsea who is the garbo of
10:47 pm
presidential children. >> geraldo: that's right. i want to be alone. >> the more we try to seek her hot. this is the perfect storm. it will be a fun event. >> geraldo: and you worked for george w. bush. you are the man who widely credited with coining the phrase compassionate conservative and yet i feel a good vibe from you about the clinton event and why do you think that is? is it because of the way that she managed coming into the scene at 12 years old to more or less gracefully, i think very gracefully handle this almost impossible job of being a presidential kid? >> what a story. i mean every 12-year-old has issues with self-esteem. she goes into the white house and saturday night live is lampooning here and public figures are calling her names and you know geraldo, she never answered in her whole life, not a comment to a friend, not a
10:48 pm
bitter side. maintained her dignity. even when everybody around her including her own parents temporarily lost their dignity and landed on her feet. there were psychologists who said she would never mary, she would never trust a man but she has proven everybody wrong and transcended. a great story for young ladies to follow and to see. >> doug reid, all the president's children, thank you very much. appreciate it. kimberly, are you invited. >> i'm waiting for the fox news special invite. my ex-husband eric is invited. he is friends with mark who is a great guy. she has done well for herself. >> geraldo: a good looking guy and they look so cute together. >> he is an awesome guy and she seems really happy with him. a great relationship and i think she really got it right. >> geraldo: and don't you think it was right about how she handled this mess. think about monica gate. >> she has been incredible. people could learn a lot from
10:49 pm
her, not only young people but adults as well in how to behave and handle turmoil in their lives. >> geraldo: coming up, he has been making a fool of authorities for months. allegedly stealing everything from planes to speed boats. to stay one step ahead of the law, the bare foot bandit in the bahamas, next. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented strength, the stabilitof the leading community bank in the nation and with 1,000 atms and thousands of branches, we're with you in more ways and places than ever before. with you when you want the most from your bank. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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>> geraldo: hi, everybody. i thought we were going to play a little sound bite from the bare foot bandit's mom. she praised him or at least his ability to fly. here is the question. how does this kid 6'5", 19 years old, prime suspect in over 70 crimes, everything from bank robberies to the theft of airplanes, how does he still
10:53 pm
managed after two years on the lamb to stay free. a week ago, the bare foot bandit allegedly stole a cessna from bloomington, indiana, he flew the plane, crash landed it on the island in the high ham mas. what do your bahamian friends have to say? former bahamian police officer is joining us now from nassau in the bahamas. lincoln, nice to see you again. what do the ba mameians make -- bahamians make of this bare foot bandit and do you think he is in your turf? >> nice to see you again, geraldo. right now, bahamians are more curious than anything that the bare foot bandit would be here in the bahamas when we would have the opportunity to catch him. people are not fearful of him at all but it is strange for someone who involves himselves in breaking to be on the loose
10:54 pm
in one of what we call our family islands, outislands. what is curious about about the out islands is for the most part people still leave their doors and windows open. there is less crimes in our outer islands than there is in the main city so people are not used to break-ins and these kind of things and for this guy to land in the bahamas and immediately they had nine break-ins of houses it is pretty strange. >> geraldo: while they are not fearful of him, lincoln, it is not like they are rooting for him. he is not like robin hood. i don't know how he is carrying stuff around, especially with bare feet. i spent a lot of time there, he is 6'5", white guy. not going to be like hiding behind palm trees. >> of course, here our population is basically 85% negro, black, so he is going to stick out like a sore thumb plus like you said, he is
10:55 pm
6'5" tall and also on the family of islands, the populations are smaller and everyone knows each other so, of course, everyone is going know that he is a strange so is it would be better to hide in the main island. >> geraldo: right. tim roberts, are you there? tim is a reporter for the abaconian, a respected newspaper on the island. you there? >> yeah. >> geraldo: hey, man. you know, there is only a ten grand reward out for a guy that committed 70 felonies i think shows that he is nonviolent. are people shocked, fearful on the island? >> no, there is no real fear in a sense. basically it is just that we are i guess cautious about it because we don't want anybody breaking into your house but there is no real fear because i think basically everybody has figured out from the news that we see that he is not really a
10:56 pm
violent criminal and also he has got this i guess fame going about him with his fan page on facebook and everything. >> geraldo: right, that's pretty weird. >> why do you think there is the allure? is it, you know, even when dillinger was a violent criminal, people wanted him to sort of get away, bonnie and clyde? >> people love it. he is on facebook. he has the huge fan page. people are rooting for him. i don't think they will turn him in. i think they like the story of him and waiting for him t it to be made into a movie. i think he will get any help from mom. she is cheering him on, let's be honest. >> geraldo: and do you think, like you want robin had to be a good guy. >> like robin hood, people don't think he is a bad guy. >> geraldo: i would say he is a big dufus.
10:57 pm
>> he is smart. >> you love him. can you see how you are smiling? >> geraldo: i don't love him. he is a criminal and deserves to be in jail. i think the movie event would be better. don't miss tomorrow night. face to face. the new black panthers. that's tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat on the run and to eat whatever happens to be around. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis,
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